As this awful virus rips through our world, we have decided to close our doors for the next twelve weeks.

Our last wedding over at Anstey Hall in Cambridge on Friday 20th March was canceled for the best.

Wedding couples wouldn’t want the constant worry for these upcoming months.

Guests traveling from abroad may be waiting a long time before clearance from the airlines. Also with the Tokyo Olympics now being postponed until next year.

Couples putting venues under pressure to stage their wedding over the next few months of COVID-19 should bear in mind the stress the venues are under, with the government guidelines.

Insurance is increasing, more cleaning after each wedding, the risk to their staff, difficulties in getting supplies and being able to have enough healthy staff on site to serve.  Some venues with big mortgages and high running costs will be extremely vulnerable at this time.

We are advising that you quickly rebook your church or legal ceremonies etc.

I’m thinking if the weddings do go forward in July 2020. Will we be asking the guests to sit further apart, hand gel at the entrance, tables and toilets. Will we serve rather than food bar style. Also trying to sit the guests partly outside, for good airflow?.

I thought I’d give this little heads up for other fellow wedding caterers, as well as anxious couples.

Stay safe and a huge thank-you to our NHS.