20 uses for a cream jug

Never has there been a more useful kitchen item as a simple cream jug. If you haven’t all ready got one let me tell you how your life can be enriched … or like the Serendipity house you could start a collection.

  1. For a wild flower bouquet
  2. For forcing the roots from an off cut
  3. For a single flower
  4. For cream
  5. For milk
  6. For custard
  7. For water at the table
  8. For decanting wine
  9. For display
  10. For wooden spoons etc in a kitchen
  11. For pencils and pens
  12. For rinsing hair
  13. For holding children’s toys in a bathroom
  14. For measuring
  15. For reminding us about simplicity
  16. For a gift
  17. For holding flowers for a friends party
  18. For milking that goat on your three legged stool
  19. To give your kitchen that immediate country kitchen feeling
  20. For Robert Redford to rinse your hair while you pretend to be Meryl Streep (see Out of Africa)!

I’m sure there re another 81 uses to make a list of 101 so if you can think of any more please add them to the comments.