Buy Vintage Be Green

In todays world we are surrounded with so many beautiful things, yet there is still the demand for more to be made…

By buying vintage we are being resourceful and responsible,  which helps to protect the environment by consuming less and reuseing more.

If we take a look at the classic items from the generation before us, you’ll see how these items have lasted the test of time. Most items are of a practical shape to get the job in hand finished in the quickest way. Take the simple potaetoe peeler, no matter how many modern ones have been designed, the traditional peeler works just as well. There certainly has been gimickey products produced to save time like the egg slicer. And another is the crinkle chip cutter, which added a quirkyness to Saturday nights chips, but the cutters didn’t take up much space and they are sturdy.

Next time we shop if we think a little bit more about buying vintage. It is a small step to help protect the environment for future generations and keeps our national treasures for future generations to enjoy.