Why bother with canapés?

We recommend a canapé reception to our customers for a variety of reasons.

  • It allows time for guests to mingle and catch up, perhaps after years or perhaps for the very first time of meeting.
  • It satiates hunger until the main meal of the event.
  • Our sweet shilli, game pork pies and cheese sable are particularly scrumptious.
  • It’s an unobtrusive way of catering for your guests.
  • At this point guests often mention to us that they are a vegetarian or have an intolerance, making them easier to identify.
  • A canapé and glass of Prosecco quite literally go hand in hand.
  • It means there’s no rush to sit down and dine and you and your guests can relax.

Our ‘Reception Nibbles’ are a favourite regardless of occasion. For a garden party, wedding reception and everything in between, our canapés are a guest favourite.

To learn more about the catering Serendipity Street offer or to discuss canapés of your own choosing, please do get in touch.