Serendipity 3 of NYC

On a recent trip to New York, a few of our clients where eager for us to visit Serendipity 3 which is a cafe on 60th St and 3rd Ave. So we did and we where wowed. From the quirky exterer to the window full of surprises. It’s so funny when you walk into somewhere and it has all of the things you have loved. Snow domes, Budhas, quirky Christmas decorations and a love of Ice Cream.

Stephen Bruce the founder of Serendipity 3 for 60years. Was an old New Yorker full of tales of the rich and famous. His quirkiness was inspirational. As this was the setting for the film, Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusak. Stephen told us where they sat and what they ordered.

Marble tables, tin signs on the white walls, with a massive station clock set the scene of this olde world cafe. The guests sundae dishes loaded with ice cream, sauces, whipped cream, fruits, nuts, chocolate and always 2 spoons and straws. We tucked into a foot long hot dog, which was fun. An overflowing cup of Serendip, which was a latte with nutmeg. The most popular is a frrrozen hot chocolate, served with whipped cream and a chocolate sauce, hopefully calorie free.

I’m not sure if our Serendipity Street would ever have a cafe premises. But if we did it would certainly have a touch of our New York City, kindred sprit.