Start up

After years of collecting, it’s time to go big and have a store of my own. I’ll be sharing with you my process of a start up online business, as well as everyday things like baking, things that inspire me and anything else useful in living an old fashioned dream. I hope you will enjoy reading and will join in too.

First of all I’ve had to sort out a place for Serendipity’s treasures, it’s not much of a showroom but stocked high on Ikea white units, it has helped me to look at my stock and know what pages we will have for the website. We originally wanted eight categories, but have decided on four which are, For The Home, High Tea and Coffee Time, Dinner and Cocktail Party and Christmas and Gifts. The last will be seasonal, so changing every six weeks or so.

Next is the planing for the business, after lots of bubble charts, we have a plan. How Serendipity will be styled, how we will market and what we will do for our social media. I will talk more about these later.

For now I will leave you with a link from our designer’s website inspire: the list is called Ecommerce checklist so if ever you are keen to have an ecommerce site of your own, you will have the checklist at hand.